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       In 2010 I got sick with what I thought it was Strep Throat. It just wasn't going away.

So, I had my Doctor call in a prescription for me over the phone. I took the Antibiotics he

prescribed me, like it was no big deal. I had taken some before without incident.  This time it was a Z-Pak Zithromax. My dose was enough for a grown man. Yikes!

After I was done with the medicine I started to have constant diarrhea, I was losing a lot of weight, and I was so weak. The Antibiotic basically wiped out my gut flora. Around this time, I was due for my last round of my Hepatitis A/B shot. (I was a preschool teacher at the time and it was recommended for me to get the shot). When the lady gave me the shot it seemed like a huge dose, it just kept coming out of the vile into my arm. But, like with the Antibiotics I had shots before, with no incident. I thought nothing of it.

My heart started to race a lot, especially at night. It caused me to feel a lot of anxiousness. What was wrong with me? I was losing weight, feeling shaky, light headed, and just not myself. I felt like I needed to go to someone with answers. I went into my Doctor just shaking and desperate for a cure, to feel normal again. They did test after test on me, but couldn’t find any answers. He told me to go home, take fiber, & acidophilus. I was put on an antidepressant, which wasn’t the answer. It just made me feel worse and out of touch with reality. So, I weened myself off of that. I thought “I am losing weight, so I need to increase my sugars”. I had Energy drinks, sodas, candy, etc. I was just feeding the beast and had no idea!

My system was still not balanced. I felt woozy and had brain fog. I couldn’t even read a book and think clearly. In the meantime, I continued to teach preschool, which didn’t help my anxiety! I was in and out of bed. I felt so frustrated! I felt like my husband and 3 kids were needing more from me, and I was so weak! My heart continued to race. I was in and out of the emergency rooms. I was given more medications that just caused more symptoms, but no healing. I started to take Probiotics, which helped. But, my heart would still race at night. One stretch I went 5 days without sleep. We went into Insta-care and they gave me sleeping pills. They helped me sleep, but I still had the rapid heartbeat.

I remember praying to God so much! Saying, “Heavenly Father, please heal my body.” I don’t know if I came close to death or anything, but my life was in a downward spiral. I know Heavenly Father and Heavenly Angels helped me so much during that difficult time in my life. I was so thankful for friends & family who helped with meals and my kids. My Dad ended up coming down to help. That meant so much to me! I love my Dad. I just wanted to run to him and have him fix me. Even though he didn’t cure me, he gave me so much comfort & support. I could tell he was really concerned for me. It was scary! We went back to the emergency room, where the staff did a ton of tests on me, gave me some anti-anxiety meds in my IV and immediately I relaxed. Then we were charged a pretty penny and I was released, with yet again no final answers. I continued to take the antianxiety pills (half dose) when I would feel my heart start to race and I finally got some sleep.

After months of the anxiety I was at church one day, talking with a friend. She mentioned “Candida”. I thought I would give it a try. Boy did it help my system. I basically went off bread, dairy, & sugar (even fruits). This is when I discovered the healing power of food.

My body took a long time for me to feel back to “normal”. I still have times when my heart races and I can’t sleep. It is usually associated with what I have eaten that day or my hormone cycle. Now it is 6 years later and I noticed that High Stress situations (like the death of my Grandma) trigger the Anxiety response in my body. I know that the Candida diet (mainly whole foods, no processed foods or sugar, no bread, and lots of veggies, protein, & fruit) helps reset my system. It also improves my health by taking my vitamins & minerals, Omega 3’s, and probiotics, and digestive enzymes have also helped. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day really helps too.

A few months before writing this book, my Grandma died. It triggered me to have anxiety again. I was there when she died, even though it was her time, it was hard for me to see her dying. After that the feeling of anxiety would come in waves, usually around my cycles. There was an imbalance that happened when my Grandma died. The mind and emotions are so powerful! So, every time I had a really stressful time, I would be up at night with a racing heart. I am still trying to figure things out with my body. But, I know that a clean diet & doing relaxation techniques, helps me have so much energy throughout the day and heals me like nothing else can. I feel like it is through the grace of God that I have discovered so much about health. It has helped me and hopefully I can help you too.

I have learned so much over these years about health. There’s nothing like my own health to motivate me to learn. I have been my own Guinee pig. I heard the other day that when you are presented with trials in life, it is God’s way of teaching you something. And if you struggle with reoccurring trials, you need to listen closer and learn.

Because of my experience I am a little weary of Conventional Doctors. Before this experience I thought they knew how to heal everything. Now I know that they are just people who have been training mostly in Medicine, prescriptions, and helping the symptoms after the illness has occurred in the body. This is slowly turning around and more doctors are getting informed about nutrition and the healing power of foods.  

I hope that through my experience many people out there who are suffering from ill health can learn to help heal themselves through natural remedies first. I am still in the journey and learning so much! There are so many great minds out there. I know that God is on my side and he will inspire me to learn the things that I need to, to help myself and others along the way.

My Story

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