Working with Becky was an answer to a prayer! I had been struggling with my health and I knew that Becky's positive attitude and encouragement was just what I needed to help me be more healthy.


    Every time I talked with her or received an email I was motivated and had a more positive outlook to my life. Becky is very knowledgable and if she didn't know something she would do research on things I had questions about or things I was struggling with. If she saw an article or quote that she knew would help me she would send it to me. She was always happy to help with whatever I was struggling with that week. It was great having a neutral person to work out things I was struggling with and to offer a different perspective.


    I am living a more healthy lifestyle thanks to Becky's influence and guidance. I originally signed up for six months but have loved working with Becky so much I'm going to do another six months. I would recommend Becky to anyone that wants to be more healthy and is struggling to do it on their own. With Becky's enthusiastic help you are bound to have success!