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Becky has been helping her clients one step at a time! Small decisions add up to a more healthy & fulfilled life. 

I was really excited to start working with Becky as my health coach. I've been following her on Instagram for a few years and have always liked the nutrition tips she provided. The food she made looked good but also realistic. I did her walking, weights, water challenge in the summer of 2018 and it was after that that I decided I wanted her to be my health coach. 


Becky is a very positive, kind, funny and extremely knowledgable person. I have...

/// Suzie White


    Working with Becky was an answer to a prayer! I had been struggling with my health and I knew that Becky's positive attitude and encouragement was just what I needed to help me be more healthy.


    Every time I talked with her or received an email I was motivated and had a more positive outlook to my life. Becky is very knowledgable and ...

/// Shari Gummow

Working with Becky was such a great experience! She has totally changed my way of thinking about eating a healthy diet, and moving more. She created a custom eating and workout plan for me to follow and tailored it to what I do, and don't like to eat. She was always so supportive and nice, even when I had a bad week and didn't workout at all. She did more than just ...

/// Melissa Nielson

    I have really enjoyed working with Becky for my health coach.  She taught me how to focus on each area of my everyday living in a positive and balanced way.

   She helped me focus on eating clean while deciding what good choices to make rather than on what to avoid.  She took time with me each week to be held accountable and to make breakthroughs in my old habits...                           

/// Pat Packer

   Working with Becky helped me learn so much. I learned a lot about eating healthy and even more about myself. I am way more conscious of what I put in my mouth. I eat less corn dogs and more carrots because of her! :-)


I'm thankful that I was able to receive some of her knowledge with being healthy!

/// Telaine Packer

    I started working with Becky in January this year and completed her 6 month program.  Not only did I lose 20 pounds, but Becky was able to help me learn so much about me and my daily habits. I learned to recognize why and when I turn to food for comfort. 

    I looked forward to meeting with Becky weekly to discuss my week and how I could improve.  She was always ...                           

/// Liz Thompson

/// Amy Sanders

    I have been working with Becky as my Health Coach since December 2016. I had been following her on instagram and facebook for a while and have loved seeing all her nutrition posts, so I decided to give her a try as my Health Coach.


    I have loved working with Becky! She is so positive and encouraging. When we first started working together, I was sluggish...

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